Hubert Gawronski

I'm an award-winning product designer focused on the essentials of digital experience. I built first UX chatbot - UX Handy ↗︎ (closed beta), which recently pivoted from highly popular and followed newsletter in the industry. I've led design direction in several eCommerce power houses and worked for startups and agencies in two countries within last 8 years.

When I was 14 years old I started to form a passion for design and learned how to use the tools required to create the ideas in my head. Soon after my attention shifted from design to basic coding - I learned how to bring my ideas to the web. At 17 I had my first client, at 18 I began focusing on understanding user needs and how I could make their life easier.

I enjoy working with teams to produce amazing visual solutions to tough customer-centric problems. I like to see projects from concept through to completion, and love getting my hands dirty — whether that's through talking with customers, crafting beautiful visual design or figuring out optimal front-end solutions with developers. I have a big passion for creating clean and minimalistic interfaces and deliver delightful and usable products.

I have a profound interest in interaction and visual design. I enjoy sharing my passion with others, that's why in my free time I love to working on several side-project tools for aimed for designers and product teams.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Best CX Transformation Winner (Zuto) — UKFXAwards, 2015

  • Website of the Day (Zuto) — CSS Design Awards, 2015

  • Best Travel UX Winner (On the Beach) — Travolution, 2015

  • Best eCommerce UX Winner (On the Beach) — Travolution, 2015

  1. Senior Product Designer
  2. Senior UX/UI Designer
  3. Senior UX/UI Designer
  4. Senior UX/UI Designer
    On the Beach
  5. UX/UI Designer
    Startup Active
  6. UX/UI Designer
  7. UI Designer
    ATM Media Group
  8. Web Designer
    LSI Software